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Helping Music Teachers Teach


At Passing Notes Education we know how hard teachers work and how many pressures they are under. We know because we are teachers as well! We exist to help teachers understand A Level and GCSE Music better and to give them the support they need to help their students to reach their musical potential.

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Passing Notes Education was set up for teachers, by teachers who understand the need for high quality CPD and resources. Our presenters have extensive experience in a range of school environments and within exam boards; they are all extremely well-placed to guide teachers through the complex requirements of various exam boards.

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We know that teachers are under great pressure to gain top grades for their students in public examinations. We are here to help. Our exam-based courses are designed to give an examiner's insight into the exam and to give helpful advice so that teachers can enable their students to reach their potential.


We also know that CPD courses are extremely expensive and it is our aim to provide top quality training at very low prices. We aim to provide courses at a significant discount to other providers. 



Teachers need resources and in a small subject like Music, publishers are not always inclined to put the work in to produce the resources we teachers need.

Here at Passing Notes Education, we are committed to producing the resources teachers need. Please let us know where there is a gap in the market and if we possibly can, we will fill that gap and help teachers and students do their very best in both A Level and GCSE Music.

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Get in touch. Let us know if there are courses you would like to see us put on or if there are resources you would like us to produce.

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